Located 35 miles from downtown Florianopolis, Praia des Anglais, a large quantity of foreign tourists. The beach is certainly the main tourist attraction of the place. With almost five kilometers long, washed by the sea, blue water and average undulation. In high season the water has an average temperature of 22 C and ensures a pleasant bath. On the busiest days, the waves do not get to be big, but have a good education in the northern part of the bay, where surfers enjoy. In the southern part of the bay where the sea is calmer.


In the colder months shoals of fish that swim up the coast looking for warmer waters of the Rio Grande do Sul to spawn, are fishing the main activity of the inhabitants of the British. During this period one can see whales, which can be easily observed from the coast and tend to attract tourists. During winter, most are female and calf pairs, but solitary adults or in social groups has also been observed in growing numbers on the coast of Santa Catarina.


The dunes that separate the British Santinho are another must see natural attraction. Ali is practiced sandboarding, a sport created in Florianópolis, which consists of sliding down the dunes on a board, doing tricks or not. To practice, just have equlíbrio and rent a board. Those looking for a different outing can go walking to a little over four miles of dunes. Just do not forget to bring bottled water to hydrate.


At the southern end of the bay is worth knowing the archaeological site, an open air museum with the inscriptions, signals recorded in the rocks made between 1000 and 4000 years ago. It is believed that refiriam the rituals related to natural phenomena, magical and religious. The structure of the site encourages visitors, and values the beach. There is a walkway to the public, sculptures, shading, and communicators containing information about subscriptions. This walkway is possible to enjoy a wonderful view across the beach from the British.


Between the Marina and the garages of the fishermen there a way to Santinho Beach, few minutes walk.


In terms of infrastructure, English offers several options for lodging and meals. The service sector is also a strong point. In most establishments you can rely on attendants who speak Spanish. Everything works the whole year. It is worth knowing ...